Thursday, February 24, 2011

The United Kingdom of Fun Times and Goggle Love

Here we go, UK style.

 Our trip began Valentine's Day, uber un-romantic.

 Jane work's so shard she sometimes needs to nap.

 Some happy kids!

 Everyone loves to learn.

 I mean everyone.

 I call this the Swiss connection. They are based in Edinbrgh, they do a mean goggle display set up.

Here we go, UK style. Oh wait I already said that.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

From Austria with Love.....

Sorry this blog is quite overdue. But here it is and it is bueno. 

Raphi and Bjorn handle business.

Then Jane.

More Jane. 

 Some buildings.
 Gold roof.

 Pray time.

 More Business.


Gurlos and Gluvine.

What a guy.

Prendi and Rachel!

Winners of the Gigi Contest!!!

Thank you to everyone who liked us on Facebook and entered our launch contest. The time has come to announce the winners...Here goes....

Sergey Gromyko
Ann Amiranashvili
Gabriella Balkanska
Francois Ruault
Radovan Vedral
Nicholas-Damien Huyghe
Kristoffer Fagerborg
Andrei Voica
Maximilian Schulz
David Brighton

Congrats to our winners! If your name is on that list you will be getting a sweet pair of goggles in the mail soon!