Monday, April 25, 2011

Zak Hale Talking Shop

Experts Only: Zak Hale.

Good Look Trailer is Looking Goooooood!

The trailer for the new People movie is out, Good Look, and it's looking good. Check out Simon Chamberlain!!

Good Look Trailer from PEOPLE FILMS (The People Crew) on Vimeo.

18 Seconds of Zak Hale Goodness...

Gigi Tops the Transworld Exposure Meter...AGAIN!

After taking the Exposure-Meter lead in the second month of the season’s tallies, Gigi Rüf seemed like a shoe-in for most of the meat of the season. However, when two-time Rider of the Year John Jackson brought the heat this spring, Rüf’s repeat looked like it might be slipping away. But when all was said and done, and the mental drum roll played as we ran the report for the final time of the year, Rüf held on to the top spot, claiming the crown and bragging rights for the 2010/11 season by a mere 275 points over Jackson, who will have to settle for the win in this year’s edit race.

“Big thanks to all my sponsors that make this win complete for a second time,” said Rüf. “I appreciate the people I get to work within snowboarding so much that I wanna thank everyone helping me to get here. Be it the ideas of the product developers or the vision of my teammanagers and the company supporting me. I wanna credit also Ivan Zwahlen who three years ago saw this future. You guys are the best.”

Congrats Gigi!! Dragon loves you!!!

Click HERE for the full article. 

Coeur Films Trailer!!

Here's a sweet little trailer from Coeur Films featuring two of Dragon's riders, Ruiki Masuda and Yatto Yoshida...and the APX goggle. It makes you want some Japanese white stuff, and we don't mean rice. Check it.

coeur film factory 2011-2012年シーズンリリース予定新作PRムービー from Visualize Image on Vimeo.