Monday, May 23, 2011

Dragon Artist and International Man of Amazingness, Scoph

Dragon artist, Scoph, was recently featured in a great interview on Inky Little Sun Beams. He is one talented artist and a great guy all around. Check out the feature...and his art. Also, be on the look out for his art coming to a gallery near you this summer. Details to come...

When your work sells out ahead of a show next to Banksy, it's a massive sign of respect. Schoph has stayed true to his roots throughout, fiercely proud of his art, friends and work, he tells us how he's developed a lifestyle doing things that he loves and inspire him on a daily basis all of which reflect a little bit, or a whole lot of who he is...Read the full interview HERE.

An Idea Isn't Responsible for the People who Believe in it...

 The Man himself, Scoph

Free to Wander

Dawn of the Age of Reason

Scoph with his art...and his sweet Dragon shirt


Alone in My Mind

Hill and Geordie Do Mammoth

Dragon's PLM, Hillary Balch, is back again. Here is a little tid bit on her recent trip to Mammoth. Check out the new goggle color way...pretty bling... 

I know no one wants to see a romantic vacation of me and my boyfriend so I’ll spare you all the explicit photos...(...or will I?)

We hit up Mammoth for one last trip before the season is over and it was amazing...sunny, great snow, no wind (surprising for Mammoth), and we brought our new child Walter the Weiner Dog for his first encounter with snow. And his first encounter with a massive mammal...Bodie, a Bernese Mountain Dog that belongs to our snow TM Alex Pashley.

Geordie was wearing the new APX goggles which he thought were amazing and I was wearing the new Hogwild color in the Rogue. Because I like glitter and sparkly things.