Thursday, July 14, 2011

Huck Magazine

Check this double page in Huck Magazine
Young entrepreneurs in the UK wearing Dragon sunglasses !

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Process Films - A Shot In The Dark

Process Films' next baby is coming, and it sounds more than appetizing ! It this two year snowboard documentary called "A Shot in the Dark", and should come to our screen in fall 2011.
The first trailer from November 2010 was awesome, and the new trailers just make you want to see the film even more. Enjoy.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Trailer 3

"Girls vs. Boys" Opening Night and Interview

Thank you all for being here on Thursday night supporting our artists for the opening of the "Girls vs. Boys" exhibition in Laguna !

Here are a few shots from the night, you can see all the pictures on the Facebook Page.


We had a great time interviewing Taylor Reeve and Schoph, and we hope that you will enjoy as much as we did to know more about them.

        When and why did you start painting ? 
        SS : I began making art when I was young, I didn’t talk till an early age, but was always drawing from that I began messing around with paint, I’m not sure why maybe it was a way of expressing myself…why do people do a lot of things ?

Taylor : I have been painting since I was born. It kind of runs in my family on both sides ! I knew from the get go that this is what I wanted to do.

        How do you define your style ?
        SS : In my recent show my work has been classed as pop-surrealism, I’ve never really given it a title as such, but I guess pop-surrealism works for me.

Taylor Bright, colorful, loud, wild, random, taylor

        What are the materials you use to make one of your paintings ?
        SS : I used to paint on wood then began on canvas, usually acrylic with a resin finish, but more recently experimenting with screening inks and oils combining all the mediums together.

Taylor Acrylic and spray paint

        Do you have any idea of the final result when you begin a new piece ?

SS : I used to have some kinda plan or thought for the finished piece, however now I am learning to just go with the painting on the days I paint it, and try to keep it as spontaneous as possible.

Taylor I have a general idea of where I'm going to take a painting... but it usually ends up completely different than what I had originally planned. I kind of figure it out as I go. New ideas pop up all of the time- so there's really no telling what it's going to end up looking like!

        What do you want people to feel when they look at your artworks ?

SS : An emotion. To pull I feeling from what they see.

Taylor Happy, intrigued, fixated

        Could you name 2 or 3 artists that really inspire you ?

SS : Pollock, Blaise Rosenthal, Lemmy

Taylor Ralph Steadman, my late grandfather, Picasso and Schoph !

        Is there any place where you permanently exhibit your art ?
        SS : Ido have a few places that are interested each year on showing my work in the UK, however I’m working on doing more colab shows in the US Santa Cruz ,San Jose, San Fran, Laguna, there’s some great gallery spaces and artists here.

Taylor The Parlor in Encintas, The Lumberyard Tavern and Grill, and my house!

        Do you have other hobbies ?

SS : Music is a big thing in my life, I run my own company Dalikfodda with some close friends, as well as shred as much as I can in winter.

Taylor Snowboarding, designing clothes, biking, hiking, camping, drinking, cooking....

        Do you know each other for a long time ?

SS : I’ve known of Taylor for a long time, and here work, she dropped me a mail a while back about doing  a show over here , Taylor’s a great artist and I respect her for what she does, it was a great opportunity for me.

Taylor I've known Schoph for a while now- but only from the internet. We met through you guys (Dragon) and have always talked.  Being that he lives in England it's no easy task to meet up.  This was an amazing opportunity and I'm super pumped that we actually did the event.  Schoph is awesome!

        Could you give the first 3 words that come to your mind regarding her/his work ?

SS : Bad-ass-winner!

Taylor TrippyDrippy, Colorful, Inspiring

        Last question, what’s next ?

SS : A colab show in London with taylor in august, sweeden to paint one of my favourite bands studios the awesome truckfighters , a group show in Harrogate, another hopefully in oct in France, and I’m working on a group show in Santa Cruz towards the end of the year… this all said who knows, just go with the flow yknow.

Taylor London in August!! Time to see Schoph's stomping grounds!

The exhibition is still running at AR4T Gallery (210 Pacific Coast Highway) in Laguna Beach, CA and last until July 26th, so go there to see some amazing art from Taylor Reeve and Schoph !