Thursday, June 14, 2012

Maui and Sons Arica Star World Tour 2012

During the 12th to June 17th, Arica will host the largest surfing event to be held in Chile and Latin America, "Maui and Sons Arica Star World Tour 2012", an important stop on the World Star Tour, which distributes no less than 55,000 thousand dollars in prizes and important world ranking points.
This important global date will receive the most experienced surfers in the world who will compete for a week in one of the most dangerous and challenging waves on the planet such as the beach "El Gringo" in Arica event will be broadcast live through the official tournament website.
The current champion of this event, the Arica Guillermos Satt (19 years), one of two Chilean competing in the ASP world tour, is now trained in its wake "This year the competition level is among the top 100 tour , there are big names on the list and come from many parts of the world, so this will be a great challenge for me, "said the only national surfer has gained a worldwide tour date.
For the event have already confirmed their attendance riders of the caliber of the Brazilian Santiago Muniz, Ian Gouveia and wyggoly Dantas, the talented Peruvian Gabriel VillarĂ¡n and Cristobal de Col, to which are added the mythical specialist tubes Pipeline (Hawaii) Lian McNamara, who travels with his son Landom McNamara, two great figures of American surfing.
They are only part of the exclusive list of competitors who will participate in this important global event, 3 stars.
For more information and follow the event live are available the following websites