Thursday, April 21, 2011

Last days in Silverton at the APX cabin...

So after our two days of epic shooting, we had welcome bad weather day. We pretty much chilled for the entire day and did nothing. Sami had to shoot some product stuff with the guys, so took the opportunity to do it whilst Luka was on the crapper.

Sami from Onboard doing what he does best...
...taking pictures of boys in the toilet
checking the shots
We planned to go over to a hot spring, but the pass was super sketchy and we decided to head back home. In fact, Alex told us that it was the most dangerous pass in North America and that the snow plough guys drive off the cliff edge in regular fashion! So instead we decided to hit up the local rum bar. There was pretty much only one drink on the menu for us. Check below;

That's right. A Dragon special on the menu!

Yep, seems the Dragon guys have been keeping this bar rocking all season.

So with a slight hang over and a stomach full of banana and rum, we headed up the hill for a bluebird pow day.
The Dragon house in Silverton
Alex and Nick took us up to another spot that they had shaped earlier that season. So a quick scrape and shape and the kicker was ready to go.

Luka overseeing the build

Although we had a bunch of fresh snow, it was pretty baked by the time the guys jumped, but the cameras were rolling and we needed some shots. Luka and Gerome were throwing hard and we managed to get a couple of shots... And a few for the slam section too :)

Luka with a front side 7

Gerome with a back side double

After that landing was fully trashed, we hiked up what Alex described as a "small hill" to shape a "quick build." Not sure what they're feeding these guys in Silverton, but they sure steamed the Euros to the top. This is one of the spots that Jussi hit in the Robot Food movie, Afterbang back in the day. It's a sick spot, but by the time our riders were ready to throw, the sun-baked slush had become a lethal crust. Not so cool.

Gerome hiking at 4000m

Gerome determined to beat the crust
Luka, switch BS9
Gotta say, this spot was super tough. End of the day, crusty, everyone tired... It was never going to be a stomping ground, but hey, you can't get it good everyday. We were super lucky this trip and got a bunch of sweet shots (check out next years Onboard and Pirates movie for the proof), and the Yanks sure showed us Euros an awesome time. Thanks guys, we're definitely heading back next year!

Polish Pow Pow

Polish Dragon skier, Marek Doniec just sent us through some podcasts from his season. With everyone banging on about how bad the season was in the alps this year, it's hard to believe that this was all filmed here in Europe. PROP Marek!

UK Dragon sideways shredder, Billy Morgan 2011 edit

Title says it all;