Friday, May 13, 2011

Haglets in Palm Springs

So...I just went to Palm Springs for a friend's bachelorette party. In case there was any doubt, the ladies love Dragons. Check out the photographic proof. 

Marisa in the Experience 2’s and me in the Jam Jet/Red Ion. Yes, I am aware that I need a tan. Marisa had just gotten back from Hawaii so it’s an unfair comparison. 

Three of the girls in Experience 2 shades...these sunglasses are a big hit with the ladies.

Me, Dragon’s good friend Taylor Reeve, and Taylor’s sister Kendall, all rocking Dragon. And with our customized koozies. Gotta keep your drinks cold in the hot Palm Springs sun.

Hotties in the E2. 

Me not wasting my spilled drink. 

Our very own Taylor Reeve in the Experience Jet/Red Ion. Taylor likes the bigger Experience frames because she thinks she has a big head, but I tell her it’s because she has a big brain that needs a big head.

Ladies love Dragon!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

GER Teamrider Eric Irmisch ( YT Industries ) first EU-CUP Race finished on 11. Place

Our Teamrider Eric Irmisch rides last weekend the IXS EU-CUP Race in Monte Tomaro. He finished the qualification run with place 5. In the Race Run on Sunday he crashed and finished his run sadly on 11. Place. But hi, its the first race. And 11. Place from 350 Riders is really good. Gratulation Dude.