Thursday, March 10, 2011

Drop in - Tore Holvik

Tore Holvik is one of Dragon's Euro powerhouses. He rips and we love him. Our Euro team manager, Prendi,  had a chance to catch up with Tore and do a "Drop In" interview...

P: So Tore, Dragon checking in here. Tell us where you're at right now?

TH: Whats up. Just got to my parents house in Geilo, Norway. Pretty sweet!

P: Nice, what have you been up to recently? Shredding?

TH: I wish I was shredding! Tore my MCL like 5-6 weeks ago, so just been working out, trying to get it all healed up! feels good now!

P: Damn, where and how did you do that?

TH: In Breckenridge. Went there to do some riding before winter x. Tried a new trick on a kicker, fell pretty bad and fucked up my knee... BUMMER!

Bummer... Roger Kleivdal. And Tore on the right.

Tore and the crew hanging out on set of the new Process film
Sending in the pipe viking style

P: So what have you been doing to keep yourself busy for the past 6 weeks?

TH: Just been working out a lot, trying to get in shape again. And been working on my house, its starting to look really good. Been trying to think about other stuff than snowboarding, pretty bummed about getting injured...

Strap in

Knee rehab

Pumping Iron Bru in the gym

P: Well it sounds like you're nearly ready to start shredding again, so no stress. What's the plan once the doctor tells you you can get back on the shred stick?

TH: Gonna be awesome to get back on my board!! I have a couple of shoots lined up with the Process film crew and then a team shoot with dragon. Gonna be sick! Can't wait!

P: Yeah, tell us more about the "Process project." The teaser looks rad. It's a two year thing right? From the guys that used to work on Factor?

TH: Yeah, its looking good. Matt Pain is the man. He used to work with Petter Foshaug on factor films. But he started his own thing and this is his first movie, "A Shot in the Dark" will drop this fall. Its a two year project and two movies. Its one straight up snowboard banger movie and one documentary. Its one for the books!

P: Dude, so looking forward to it. You're pretty well known for your park and pipe riding, might we see you stepping into the back country for this project?

TH: Hell Yeah, I like the back country. I would like to do more of that kind of stuff, Pow is soooo fun! We have some back-country stuff lined up. So as long as i stay on my feet, you will for sure see some stuff from the powpow!

Scoping the transition
Frontside at sunset

P: So now all the kids have seen the teaser, when and where can they find the movie?

TH: The movie will drop with Onboard in September i think. So go buy the magazine!

P: Cool, I think that's all for now, thanks for dropping in Tore. Hope the doctor gives you the all clear so you can go slay some back country

TH: I hope so to! should be good, the knee feels solid.

P: Anything to add?

TH: Just a thanks to all my sponsors and friends.  Keep on shredding!

What it really takes to be pro...

The top riders go through a lot to be the best in the world...and we mean A LOT. Most of the pain, injuries, training and tears go unfilmed and unpublished. Every once in a while, a shot like this surfaces and reminds all us Joe Shmoes why we aren't being paid to play. Darrah Reid-McLean is a charger and part of the Dragon team. She is filming with Peepshow, the all girls production crew. Sometimes things don't work out as planned....I would suggest taking a deep breath and kissing your unbruised back before watching this. Update: She was banged up but is already filming again with Peepshow. Damn Darrah! We love you!!

PMS #1: Darrah's Leap of Faith from peepshow on Vimeo.

Dragon rider, Gerome Mathieu's full video part

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Showing the Kids how it's done

Are from our Norwegian distribution sent this picture through which was taken just before he popped his Meniscus. Are, get better soon buddy, the kids need to learn to learn how to ride pow like this.

Powder and Rails with Jamie Lynn (4 of 4)

The concluding part of the Jamie Lynn story. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Swedes go APX...through an am lens

We can't all be professional photographers...but we can all have a good time. Here are more photos from the APX cabin trip with the Swedes, from a less polished perspective. :)

Swedes do APX

There are a lot of things we here at Dragon love about Sweden...Meatballs, Ikea, Swedish women, Swedish fish...and of course our distributors! These guys make our work easy and in return we thought we'd take them to our exclusive APX cabin in Silverton, CO. Six heli drops in a big deal.