Thursday, March 10, 2011

What it really takes to be pro...

The top riders go through a lot to be the best in the world...and we mean A LOT. Most of the pain, injuries, training and tears go unfilmed and unpublished. Every once in a while, a shot like this surfaces and reminds all us Joe Shmoes why we aren't being paid to play. Darrah Reid-McLean is a charger and part of the Dragon team. She is filming with Peepshow, the all girls production crew. Sometimes things don't work out as planned....I would suggest taking a deep breath and kissing your unbruised back before watching this. Update: She was banged up but is already filming again with Peepshow. Damn Darrah! We love you!!

PMS #1: Darrah's Leap of Faith from peepshow on Vimeo.

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