Monday, May 16, 2011

Dragon GER/AUS Team KTM/Cofain Supermoto cashed a really good first Season Result

This weekend the season-opener of the Austrian Supermoto Championship was held in Greinbach, (Styria), where our riders had the chance to show their skills.

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Qualy S1:
At the beginning of the time-practice, track conditions were dry but it was about to start raining.
The riders pushed hard from the beginning to put down the fastest lap before conditions got wet. Despite of traffic, Hannes had a solid lap and finished 3rd. Lukas was not that lucky and finished 18th.

Results Qualy S1:

1. Jürgen Künzel 1:19.144
2. Rudolf Bauer 1:19.370
3. Hannes Maier 1:19.643
4. Florian Wedenig 1:20.183
5. Florian Praxmarer 1:20.305
18. Lukas Höllbacher 1:23.982

Heat 1 S1:

At the start of first heat Hannes came out 2nd, but he had a problem with the factory start hook. Due to this problem he lost 3 seconds in the first lap. Lukas could gain some positions already at the beginning and was fighting continiously until the end and finished 9th.
Hannes could close the gap to Bauer, but wasn´t able to pass him. -> P2

Results Heat 1 S1:

1. Rudolf Bauer
2. Hannes Maier
3. Jürgen Künzel
4. Andreas Rothbauer
5. Christian Schreyer
9. Lukas Höllbacher

Heat 2 S1:
In the second heat our riders were late for pre-start and had to enter the race from the last starting grid. Right after the start it was clear that this was not going to be the end-result. On the first lap Hannes came out in 8th, Lukas just a few positions behind. Completely dominating they were flying through the rest of the field and ended up 1st and 2nd. Till the end oft he race they could open a gap of 8 seconds to their followers!!!!!

Results Heat 2 S1:

1.Hannes Maier
2.Lukas Höllbacher
3.Christian Schreyer
4.Florian Wedenig
5.Florian Praxmarer

Qualy S-OPEN:

In a very strong S-Open class our riders needed all their mental strength to finish 1st and 2nd.

Results Qualy S-Open::

1. Hannes Maier 1:19.206
2. Rudolf Bauer 1:19.344
3. Lukas Höllbacher 1:19.509
4. Jürgen Künzel 1:19.642
5. Andreas Rothbauer 1:19.859

Heat 1 S-OPEN:

On the Start Lukas got overtaken by Esterbauer. As he wanted to set the counter he unfortunately crashed and went back to 7th.
Meanwhile Hannes took a line to line victory with a 12s lead!!!!

Results Heat1 S-Open:

1. Hannes Maier
2. Andreas Rothbauer
3. Rene Esterbauer
4. Christian Schreyer
5. Manuel Stehrer
7. Lukas Höllbacher

Heat 2 S-OPEN:

Hannes took the holeshot in front of Lukas who passed him already on the 2nd Lap. Lukas opened a gap straight away, while Hannes had to hold off Rothbauer. Bevor the end of the race Hannes was on the rearwheel of Lukas again and they went for the 2nd double victory for the COFAIN Supermoto Racing Team.

Results Heat 2 S-Open:
1. Lukas Höllbacher
2. Hannes Maier
3. Andreas Rothbauer
4. Rene Esterbauer
5. Hanson Schruf


The Start of the season couldn`t have been any better for our Team. Hannes Maier with two overall wins and Lukas Höllbacher with two 3rd positions in the overall!!!!!
Beside of all the just 14 year old Laura Höllbacher had her best race result in the S3 class and finished 3rd overall.

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