Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Official Press Release: Dragon's new APX Goggle and Training Facility!

Carlsbad, CA (January 4, 2011) Dragon has launched its research and development facility in the remote backcountry of Silverton, Southern Colorado, to coincide with the launch of the revolutionary APX goggle.

Sitting at an altitude of over 12,000 feet and dubbed the APX cabin, the facility was designed to test the new goggle in the most extreme conditions by Dragon’s Pro Team, product designers and key retailers.

True to its name, the APX is Dragon's most advanced goggle masterpiece yet. It features Super Anti-Fog, Triple-Layer Polar-Tech Face Foam, Armored Venting and Infinity Lens Technology, resulting in unmatched peripheral vision, comfort, and visible clarity.

The Infinity Lens design means the goggle is completely frameless offering the most amount of vision, with the least amount of bulk. Dragon’s new design for Armored Venting on the top of the goggle creates a funnel for water to move (rather than be absorbed by foam like other goggles). A triple layer of Polar-Tech fleece around your face means the APX is Dragon’s most comfortable goggle to date and if you don’t know what Super Anti-Fog technology is by now, you have been living in a world of foggy lenses.

The company founder and CEO, Will Howard, who was shredding at the cabin last week, said the APX Cabin and APX goggle epitomize what Dragon is as a brand.

“This is us, we are about making great product that’s new and revolutionary for our core market", he said. “This project is special because we have the opportunity to share our lives with some of the people who make us who we are as a brand; our athletes and key retailers.”

Transworld Business covered the exclusive story of Dragon’s trip to the APX Cabin last month.

The APX Lodge benchmarks Dragon’s commitment to continue to develop the most advanced goggles in the market. For additional media enquiries including interviews and imagery please contact:  Dragon HQ at 949-931-4900 or Dragon's official website is


Established in 1993, Dragon set out to be the leading independent eyewear and accessories brand in the youth/lifestyle market.  That mission still holds true today and is the driving force behind the company's success and heritage.  As one of the few independent brands in the action sports market, Dragon captures the youthful, free thinking attitudes of our consumers and translates that into product that is connected to first-mover innovation, athlete performance, and cutting edge style.  Dragon manufactures a mix of surf, snow, motorsports, wake, and alternative lifestyle products that align us with the young, core participant consumer base who are loyal to our brand.

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