Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Confessions of an X-Games (trip) winner

This season we wanted to say thanks to our best UK retailer by giving them an all expenses paid trip to the X-Games in Tignes, France. The winner of the trip was Ollie Maslin from Bucks boarding center. Here's his diary of the trip;

Hair straighteners + a ton of gel + hair spray + inverted blow dry = the above
Getting on board the sleazy-jet flight in Luton. Destination, Geneva!

The APX!!!

Killing some time on the flight to check out the new APX goggles that Craig (our UK rep) just delivered to me when he dropped me at the airport.

Easy Jet wing... Oh and the Alps in the background

Approaching the Alps from the Swiss. Not too much snow, but we made the most of it.

The view from our room
After taking a wrong turn and ending up somewhere near to Italy, we finally made it to Tignes. We heading straight of to the Monster party at Jacks club where we managed to blag some VIP wrist bands. Free drinks all night! Sweet!

Monster party. Free bar!
Monster girls (bottom left)

The hangover was tough, but I forced myself out of bed and off up the hill for a bit of shred time.

Hooked up with some friends from back home...

Looking steezy, hehe
... did some follow cams...

... and showed the kids how it's done. After that we headed off to a restaurant with the Dragon team for some traditional French grub.

The Australians looking after Luke

Dragon Euro, Luka and Mrs Marketing herself, Jane

I took it pretty easy at the Dragon dinner as I'd heard word that the forecast was bluebird and didn't want to be hanging. I wasn't disappointing, check the photo below;

Tignes on a bluebird day

High in the Alpine. Yeah Tignes, you were rad!
After a long day on the hill, I headed down to watch the mens final of the half pipe. Again, I managed to blag an all area pass, so I didn't have to stand at the bottom with the commoners.

Standing at the bottom is for common people

That's more like it. In the royal gallery with aristocracy.

The crowd from above

The mega pipe


Iouri sending a backside

Well yeah, that was my trip to Tignes. Thanks Dragon, it was a banger, let's do it again next year!

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