Thursday, April 14, 2011

Epic times with the Euro team in Silverton

First up, sorry we didn't get back to you the next day. We went up to our amazing APX cabin, the Bonnie Belle, right in the center of the Treasure mountain range. We didn't have any phones or internet, which was a refreshing change!

To say this has been an epic productive trip would be an understatement. Dragon slayers, Gerome Mathieu and Luka Jeromel are killing it. So many first track landing and huge airtime, we are getting a bunch of awesome shots. Sami from Onboard is stoked!

Sleds ready to go
First day up, taking the sleds for a spin to scope some spots.

We all did a quick dance. Just because we could.
Location location location, that's what building kickers is all about, and Alex had plenty of that going on.
I was holding the camera, so Luka had to take double the workload
Wind picking up at the end of the shape
This was a super hard build. The snow was really sugary and the blocks were kinda crumbling. But after a few hours we had a sweet cheese wedge that would be ready to go for the next day. Alex then took us to some old mine spots from back in the day. The buildings were pretty decrepit which made for a perfect photo spot.

Second spot. The old mining town.

We decided not to hit anything on the first day as the wind picked up pretty good. Instead we shaped 3 more jib spots in the location above. If the weather was good the next morning, it was on!

The APX cabin. No internet, no phone. No Facebook updating for a whole day!
Above is the APX Cabin at around 4000m. It's pretty much in the middle of nowhere and it's amazing! One of the most spectacular places we've ever been.

Morning glory... Oh and an amazing bluebird view!
And this is what we woke up to. Perfect bluebird weather. Couldn't have asked for anything better. Well maybe a heated toilet would have been nice.

Luka stoked on something in sky
Luka sending it...
...FedEx next day style
Gerome throwing down for his part in the Pirate Movie
Above are a few shots from the first spot that we hit. The classic cheese wedge is always a hit. Both Luka and Gerome got two shots each. Luka specifically asked me not to blog what tricks they did, so if I say Switch back 5, Front 3, Back 5 and Cab 5, that has totally nothing to do with the session whatsoever ;)

Sami's keen eye found this gap for Luka to thread through
Gerome styling out a MASSIVE back one over this old wreck

We then moved onto the old silver mining plots. This place was kinda eerie, you could totally imagine it as a working mine, but now it's a working jib factory.

This shoot couldn't have worked out better, everyone is super stoked. Right now the weather has moved in and it's currently snowing, so we're all taking a down day. We still have one more day of shooing, so I'll keep you all posted.

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