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KTM / Cofain Racing Team Rider Lukas Höllbacher wins

Our Team KTM / Cofain Supermoto Racing Team send us some great pictures from the first Race this season.

Lukas Höllbacher wins in his Categorie the race.
See the great pictures...and the race report

With a new team, new bikes and fully motivated riders we attended Stendal for the first race of the international german championship.

Our two riders, Hannes Maier who competes in the S1 DM and S1 ÖM and Lukas Höllbacher who competes in the S3 DM and SOpen ÖM, where ready for some race action after a long winter season.


On Saturday there where only two free trainning sessions to finish for Hannes on this very fast track at Stendal. Lukas put down the fastest lap in the S3 time practise and took pole!

Results S3 Qualy:
1. Lukas Höllbacher                  1:18.065
2. Milan Sitniansky                    1:18.406
3. Josef Stehrer                                   1:18.546
4. Maxi Niewiadomsky              1:18.748
5. Nico Günther                        1:23.388

Even in the first heat he could beat his enemies.
Stehrer went down in the mid part of the race, could catch up, but Lukas could win out over him and won!

Results S3 Heat 1:
1. Lukas Höllbacher
2. Josef Stehrer           
3. Milan Sitniansky
4. Maxi Niewiadomsky 
5. Nico Günther

Lukas also started in the C1 class to train for the SOpen ÖM with the stronger 450 bike.
He absolutely dominated this class, took pole and won the first heat.

Results C1 Qualy:
1. Lukas Höllbacher      1:15.927
2. Manuel Hagleitner     1:18.686
3. Alexander Büttner     1:19.346
4. Janina Würterle         1:19.422
5. Sebastien Bouillon    1:19.548

Results C1 Heat 1:
1. Lukas Höllbacher
2. Manuel Hagleitner
3. Alexander Büttner
4. Janina Würterle
5. Max Waberzeck


Finally on Sunday it was time for Hannes to enforce against a field of top riders in the time practise of the S1 class. He finished 4th and set his bike to 2nd row for the races.
Lukas could get a wildcard for the S1 class, by winning the 2nd heat of the C1 class.
Also he won the 2nd heat of the S3 class superior and took overall!

Results S1 Qualy:
1. Mauno Hermunen      1:13.429
2. Pavel Kejmar                        1:14.101
3. Petr Vorlicek             1:14.317
4. Markus Volz              1:14.637
8. Hannes Maier            1:14.787

Results C1 Heat 2:
1. Lukas Höllbacher
2. Alexander Büttner
3. Manuel Hagleitner
4. Janina Würterle
5. Tommy Brandt

Results S3 Heat 2:
1. Lukas Höllbacher
2. Josef Stehrer           
3. Maxi Niewiadomsky
4. Milan Sitniansky
5. Florian Metzenrath
 Hannes’ start of the first heat was perfect and he came out in 4th after the first corner but a couple of laps later some riders took him out and due to technical problems he had to retire.
Lukas who had to start out of the last row with his wildcard did an awesome job and finished 13th after a crash.

Results S1 Heat 1:
1. Mauno Hermunen
2. Petr Vorlicek
3. Markus Volz
4. Pavel Kejmar
13. Lukas Höllbacher

The 2nd heat started with a megacrash in the offroad section and Hannes was involved. Lukas had more luck and came back in 6th position after the first lap.
I took two long laps till Hannes could mnage to get his bike running again, resumed and finished 18th.
Lukas who had an unbelievable race could catch up Bauer, who was sitting in 5th, passed him and had an awesome top 5 finish!!!!!

Results S1 Heat 2:
1. Mauno Hermunen
2. Markus Volz
3. Jürgen Künzel
4. Marcel Götz
5. Lukas Höllbacher
18. Hannes Maier

Our team riders are in top condition.
Hannes was falling short of his expections, but his speed would have been good for a top 5 finish.
Lukas could fascinate, the spectators and the rest of the german supermoto scene, with top finishers

Ride On
Your Cofain Supermoto Racing Team

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