Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Norvik + Dragon + Blue Bird = Good good.

So the action shots are yet to come.... expect for one I snuck in .... but in the mean time check the behind the scenese pics of this beautiful kicker in beautiful Norway.

The set up.
Different angle, not bad.
Roger Kleivdal

Gerome Mathieu, Tobi Strauss, Luka Jeromel pre-jump bro-ing down.

The crew.


Tore Holvik loving life.

Andy Nudds also loving life.
Joseph Tomlinson.... i seem to be bothering him here, but he was actually quite enjoying himself.

Our photog Olav Stubberud. Posing for his next facebook profile shot.


Not sure.

Super happy camper.

Felix Wiemers, uber happy camper.


Felix asked for this pic, you got it buddy.

Gerome took naps in between hits. No big Deal.

Lunch time. Luka wrapped his sandwich in his toilet paper. Unused of course.

Prendi. What can I say.

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