Thursday, May 5, 2011

Team Gathering Norway, more pics...Tak!

Some more team bonding went down in Norway yesterday...  most of the action shots are yet to come, but in the mean time check out the scenery, seriously check out this bonding...

Beautiful sky.
Felix can do a standing back flip at any time of day. This one was done at 3am. Did I mention it never gets dark.

Furry hat.
the couch comes outside at Narvik camping ground.

Homer Simpson bread... the bread looks like his head we think.
Gerome getting some wood for the fire... he was chopping the wood with his bare hands... no big deal.
Stoking the flames

Team Dining...


Little bit of Jeromel action.

And a bit more.

Ok that's enough....

Late night tramping.

Prendi on a cat.

Jane and Prendi.

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