Monday, June 20, 2011

Dragon Letting Loose

When you work hard at making the best sunglasses on the market, sometimes you just really need to let loose. Here is our favorite sunglass designer with our international sales killer, Ashley, having some fun.

What happens when co-workers drink together?

You get drunk...that’s what happens. Duh. Myself and our International Department resident bad ass Ashley went out with our other International Department resident bad ass/aussie-Canadian Jane (not pictured). Jane decided it would be fun to take photos of Ash and I ( was Friday and we were celebrating). She then proceeded to do some super artsy fancy treatments on said photos which begs the question “What happened to normal photos taken with a disposable camera? Where did those days go?” Oh, that’s right they are buried underground with the dinosaurs...but I digress...Anyway, I tried to take photos of them as well but I didn’t know how to work Jane’s phone and she kept yelling at me, so I got nervous. And when I get nervous the only cure for that is more Pinot Grigio. Waitress! 

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