Thursday, June 23, 2011

Norway Dragon Jam Shuttle!

Welcome to Norway, the land of the frozen ground and beautiful blonde people. Its also the land of the Jam. That's right, Dragon's Jam has landed in Oslo and the reception couldn't be warmer for this hot style.

Dropping now, get it while it's hot.

The Dragon Jam Shuffle all good in the hood.
This night began with a little product training
The students

The teacher

Feed time.

Bibs required.

Roger Kleivdal Red Lobster, thats wassup.

Same as above, bur Gerome Mathieu

Ladies and Jam, two great things together at last.

Tore  Holvik..... getting physical with his dinner.

Wearing sunglasses - now cool.

Andy Nulds..... wants to be alone with his lobster.

Live and closeup.

Good times, get better with beer.

Gerome and Luka Jeromel talk shop.

I'll be you do.

Luka and Ze.

Gerome and Roger..... Gerome has a lot of questions most of the time, even more when learning a new game.

Form +

Ahh Dragon's Lil'D was at the party.

That's whats up!



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