Monday, June 27, 2011

LA Shoot – Behind the Scenes...way, way behind...

While we were in LA shooting our new RetroSpect Collection (look for it later this year....super hot), we got a lot of work done. And we also got a lot of no work done. Does that make sense? Here are some outtakes from the LA shoot day.....How do I have this job? It’s amazing.

LA Barney – Ahhhh Hollywood Blvd....where people that have nothing better to do actually make a living dressing up as cartoon characters, Jack Sparrow, and...Barney?!? Do kids still watch that crap? Do they even know who Barney is anymore? Well..I do. It’s a white guy named Steve...wearing a Barney costume...sorry to crush your dreams children. Oh, and there’s no Santa Claus either. Harsh. 

LA Dave – While out “scouting” on Day 1 in LA, Dave (Dragon’s Art Direction otherwise known as “Beaker”) and I came across some interesting things on the Venice boardwalk. Note to self, if I ever decided to be a pot head, I know where to get the goods....There was some incredible people watching that day and I think Dave and I left the boardwalk a little more worried about humanity than we were before. Dave looked for some guidance from the Zoltar machine and came up empty handed. Good thing he only pumped a few dollars into that thing. What a rip off. 

LA Helmet – When I get bored I like to make fun of myself and do things that some people might call “embarrassing”. One of these things was to turn myself into an actual bobble head with the help of AJ’s new motorcycle helmet. Enjoy and you’re welcome. 

LA Shoes – Adidas called, they want they’re entire 1982 collection back.  Mad steez. Mad. 

LA1 – Now, now, now...don’t everyone get all excited. I can’t even ride a normal bike, let alone a manly motorcycle. So no, I wasn’t riding this off into the sunset. I was merely entertaining the thought of trying to steal AJ’s bike when I realized that I don’t know how to ride one. So I took a picture on it instead. Thumbs up. 

LA2 – CHiPs was a great show....great. 

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